Saturday, December 21, 2013

movie night in Abbys room

tonight i had a movie night and i gave my mum and brothers V.I.P. tickets (my mum thought it was cute?  ) 
i set my room up as a queen sized bed combo thingy i spread out some blankets and cushions rolled out my roll out t.v  and i was done we watched home alone half way through the movie i popped some pop corn and sat back and relaxed till it was all finished it was allot  of fun i want to do that again  

 ( jonos the security) 

by miss fab 

Saturday, December 14, 2013

night sky

I love to write poems and at school i wrote a anthology. This is personally my favourite poem out of all of them and when i read the poem to my mum she was amazed.
It's called night sky... 

the stars light up the pitch black sky 
the moon says good bye to the sun 
clusters of stars spread out their diamond blanket 
protecting the children of the world 
with the covers of the night 

by miss abfab

i have had the most fun ever at Gladstone

I have been at school for four years now here are some photos of me at my school in my 4 years of being at Gladstone school 
 this my athletics day in 2011 

this is the rocky shore trip my mum came on this trip it was a awesome trip 

this is me holding some rocky shore creatures

this is the swimming carnival in 2011

 this is the old school day at my school in 2012 

 this is my school camp also in 2012 
 I had allot  of fun with my friends

I am now going to be a year five exciting