Friday, November 11, 2011

My Adventures in England

i  went to newcarsile in england it was fun  

going on the metro

my family stayd at my grandmars. 

palying crokay in darby

me and elisa

at the piknick

i alsow went to darby to see my mums friends     
that was fun is wal.

in newcasil  i went to see  diznee on ise.

riding my bike at senta parcks

the cool warta slid

i went to senter parcks on a big warta slid.

on the plane

it is therty owers on the plane 
i donot lik travling.

by Abby

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Tangled Party

On July the 28th it was my birthday. I had a Tangled Party. I turned seven, but if you really look at me I really look like I am eight because I am very tall, I am nearly taller than my brother.

My mum made my room like it was a Hair Salon. We had long hair made out of streamers.
It was plaited and tied with bows. I had six girls at my party.

The cupcakes really did look like roses. I helped my mum make them. My brother ate most of the icing.

I had a tower cake. My mum made it out of donuts and sticks in between and icing and cones dipped in chocolate. She even made the roses out of icing.

Everyone sang happy birthday. Most of my freinds were from my school. My freind Olivia wasn't there this time because she is in China. She will be back by the time it is Christmas. I can't wait to see her. She gave me a lovely present in a parcel all the way from China.

Here we are doing our hair.

These are the freinds who came to my party. We did some silly photos and some nice photos and some OK photos.

 This is me. I had a great party.

We watched the movie of Tangled and then set off lanterns. They floated up in the sky until we couldn't see them any more.

This was my best party ever.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

At the Snow

In the holidays I went to the snow. It was fun.

When I went on the sledge it was a bumpy ride. I went down a hill. It was very cold and snowy.

We had a snowball fight. We made a snowman.
My brother smudged the carrot on the snowman's nose.

My brother jumped on my dad and so did I. We were having a rugby fight.

It was cold and wet. My lips were purple and my nose was pink.

My dad took this photo of the mountain. It is near Taupo.

My brother loved it as well. He was cold too.

We went inside the cafe; it was called Club Penguin.
We had a hot cocoa with marshallows inside and we also had hot chips.

I thought that it was the bestest time I've been to the snow. I wish I could go again.

The End.

Friday, May 6, 2011

I love Miss Marvellous

I'm going to miss my freind Miss Marvellous when she is gone to China on Monday.

I am happy that her whole family is coming tomorrow for a sleepover.

Here we are at my 2nd birthday party. We always go to each others birthday parties but this year Miss Marvellous will be in China when it is my birthday.

Miss Marvellous' 3rd Birthday
My  4th Birthday
We are so little here. We have been freinds for a long time.

She likes the same stuff I like. We both like singing and dancing. We both like drawing. 

We have the same kind of princess nightie.

This is us with her dog Brodie. Brodie is the smartest dog in the world, that's what her dad says.

This is us together at Sandy Bay. We went on holiday together.

I love this photo.

I will miss my freind Miss Marvellous.
But my mum said we can talk to her in China on the webcam.
I love her.

(story told by Miss fab to her mummy)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Baking Cheesy Shapes

Me and mum did some baking when my brother was at soccer traning.
We baked cheesy shapes from this book that my grandma gave me.

Mum sid I should tell you how we did it.
We made them gluten free becos I am gluten free.

What you need:
1 cup of gluten free baking flour e.g. Bakels (or just regular flour)
50g of butter
one egg yolk
5 spoons of cold water
half a cup of grated cheese

Sift the flour into a big bowl.

Cut up the butter into chunks like this. it looks like cheese but its not

 Rub the butter into the flour til it looks like breadcrumbs. my mum showed me what to do.

My mum separated the egg yok for me. Then you mix the egg and the water together. It is fun to mix the egg and the water.

Then you grate the cheese. be careful cos i grated my finger and it hurts.

Then you mix the cheese and the egg into the flour and squish it together with your hands until it makes a ball of dough like this. Then you wrap it up with gladwrap and you put it in the frdige for half and hour. This helps it stick together and be easier to roll and cut out the shapes.

then you roll out the dough and cut out some shapes. We put ours on baking paper cos than it dosnt stick to the tray. We sprinkled some cheese on top and then put it in the oven to cook.

We baked it for about 10 minutes in the oven at 180oC. It doesn't take long so we had to watch to make sure they don't get burnt.

This is what a cheesy biscuit looks like when it is cooked.

They taste real yummy. Everybody liked them. We had some in our lunch boxes the next day.

PS My mum says if you take out the cheese and add 3 desertspoons of sugar instead, you can make sweet cookies with this recipe too and it doesn't spread everywhere when you use gluten free flour.