Friday, May 6, 2011

I love Miss Marvellous

I'm going to miss my freind Miss Marvellous when she is gone to China on Monday.

I am happy that her whole family is coming tomorrow for a sleepover.

Here we are at my 2nd birthday party. We always go to each others birthday parties but this year Miss Marvellous will be in China when it is my birthday.

Miss Marvellous' 3rd Birthday
My  4th Birthday
We are so little here. We have been freinds for a long time.

She likes the same stuff I like. We both like singing and dancing. We both like drawing. 

We have the same kind of princess nightie.

This is us with her dog Brodie. Brodie is the smartest dog in the world, that's what her dad says.

This is us together at Sandy Bay. We went on holiday together.

I love this photo.

I will miss my freind Miss Marvellous.
But my mum said we can talk to her in China on the webcam.
I love her.

(story told by Miss fab to her mummy)