Sunday, August 12, 2012

Playing with photos

I have been playing with photoscape to make some pictures that change and a collage. Here is what I did. Photoscape is great!

P.S. I did them both without ANY help from my mum. I figured it out all by myself.

Friday, June 22, 2012

For the Record, my Brothers are annoying

to start off my blog story i need need to say that my brothers are annoying.

so lets begin. let me introduce my bothers, oops i meen my brothers!!!

Scraggadag - hes 4 -  and Dash is 9.

Scragg  annoys me because??? he goes to the toilet and leaves a great big mess, he picks his boogers and eats them... and do not get me started on Dash.

he goes in my room steels stuff cause he wants to annoy me and mess my room up. 

but even though there annoying  i still love them.

by miss ab fab

Thursday, May 17, 2012

story tales mermaid magic

Once upon a time there was a  girl called miranda.
Her and her family went to the beach on the boats and as miranda  was looking down  at the water she saw a shiny tale. miranda was so surprised  ...and then...a mermaids Body came out of the water.
The mermaid jumped back in the water. The mermaid jumped  out of the water and waved at miranda  and jumped bake in again after a boat ride away 

Miranda went for a swim in the sea ! and went to see the mermaid that she saw earlier and guess what?  She found  the mermaid in a mermaid city. 
It was so beautiful it had every thing and do you no what? The other mermaids were so friendly that they didn't even care that miranda wasn't a mermaid.

The mermaids said  Hi! and bye! Miranda was thrilled and she went into a shop and said, "Do you know where you can find a mermaid that's fashionable?"
"Yes right this way," said the mermaid. "Here you go."
Lasy the fashion festile can help you."

Hey, said miranda, you're that mermaid that I saw on the boat.
Yes, said Lasy. 
Lasy was so beautiful. She had a golden tail and brown hair.
"So what have you got for me to wear. Do you perhaps would have a mermaid tail for me?"
"Actually I do."
"Great," said Miranda.

So Lasy gave miranda a shell bra! And it fitted perfectly and a rainbow tail. 
The shell bra is turquoise and most importantly your breathing. You need sea weed."
And Lasy gave miranda a mermaid necklace so whenever Miranda needs to turn back into a human you can, and when you need to turn back into a mermaid, you can turn back into a mermaid.


by Miss Fab