Sunday, August 12, 2012

Playing with photos

I have been playing with photoscape to make some pictures that change and a collage. Here is what I did. Photoscape is great!

P.S. I did them both without ANY help from my mum. I figured it out all by myself.


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  2. Hi Miss Abby, I have just visited your Mum's blog and thought I would have a little look at yours :) You picked some awesome photo's and did a great job using photoscape by yourself!

    I hope you have had a lovely day at school. In Hamilton today the weather has been beautiful and sunny. My 4 year old son is sick though so he didn't get to go to kindy and we have just been relaxing at home.

    I bet you are looking forward to your holiday in China. Can't wait to see the photo's! :)

    Bye :)

    PS: Sorry, I just deleted the previous image as a picture of someone else (not sure who?) is there, very strange. I hope this one works :)