Monday, June 23, 2014

cheer leading

when i was three years of age i started to do roly poles and spins and every thing like that! i would do it in the shopping mall, in the lounge, in my bed room, and out side! i was always hurting myself too! like when i was 2! years of age, i climbed up my plastic hiding house thingy!And yes i did fall off. and now im 9 years old nearly 10 in July! on Sunday the 22 this Sunday!:) my first comp in my life, i am not nervous im just very excited i cant wait!

me at my first cheer leading practice so pumped!

warming up stretch those muscles!

Justine doing my make up for cheer comp! :)

me and my friend yas getting our zing on!

me and yas getting our hair curled.

us being weird!?

me warming up for competition

me and yas final touch to our fabulous costumes!

getting ready to go back stage

cheer team photo!

on the big mat!


woop! woop! we actually came a place third but still a place we were not expecting that!

i absolutely love to do cheer leading !

by miss Fab

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