Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Tangled Party

On July the 28th it was my birthday. I had a Tangled Party. I turned seven, but if you really look at me I really look like I am eight because I am very tall, I am nearly taller than my brother.

My mum made my room like it was a Hair Salon. We had long hair made out of streamers.
It was plaited and tied with bows. I had six girls at my party.

The cupcakes really did look like roses. I helped my mum make them. My brother ate most of the icing.

I had a tower cake. My mum made it out of donuts and sticks in between and icing and cones dipped in chocolate. She even made the roses out of icing.

Everyone sang happy birthday. Most of my freinds were from my school. My freind Olivia wasn't there this time because she is in China. She will be back by the time it is Christmas. I can't wait to see her. She gave me a lovely present in a parcel all the way from China.

Here we are doing our hair.

These are the freinds who came to my party. We did some silly photos and some nice photos and some OK photos.

 This is me. I had a great party.

We watched the movie of Tangled and then set off lanterns. They floated up in the sky until we couldn't see them any more.

This was my best party ever.



  1. Oh your party looks amazing! You have such a super clever Mum... and I think you do look like an 8 year old too! Happy Birthday.

  2. Awesome party Miss Fab I wish I was there.Love miss Marvelous.