Monday, March 21, 2011

I ♥ Dave

this  is  me with  my  cat    dave.  some   times   i   pick   him    up .....   my   mum   lets   me   feed him

it   sleeps  in  a  box.  i   love  dave so much.

One day after school Dave got frightnened because another cat which was black came and frightened dave away from home. We looked for dave everywhere but when i found him we gave him some cat food and he felt better. I gave dave a hug and he felt better. I love Dave so much he is my best buddy.
He is also my brother's best pal too.

Dave can jump real high he can almost jump over next to our neighbours house. Me and josh got very excited and surpised because we have never seen a cat jump that high and it went up that high. We were worried but my mum said she can jump down herself.

We don't really know if dave is a boy or a girl yet.


  1. Oh wow Miss Fab, you are so lucky to have such a lovely cat! And it sounds like he or she can jump really high!!

  2. I love Dave! Will be so funny if Dave is a girl... will have to call it Davey!!

  3. hey pasleyjade. dave is a girl so funnnnnnnnnnnnyyyy!!! a boy name ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!
    from Dash